When times are hard

One would expect, when times are hard, that retail would suffer, as it is at the present time, at least in Australia, and I'm fairly sure, in the US, Britain and Europe.  Almost nightly, on our evening news, mention is made of the difficulties experienced by the retail industry at this time.

At Baby Jewels, we have noticed a pull-back in sales of children's jewellery, particularly the more expensive children's bracelets.  Children's earrings are still popular, but then they are generally half the price of the bracelets.  We've dropped our prices on our entire Shop, as a result, prepared to reduce the profit margin, however no longer able to swallow the cost of free shipping worldwide, which has been our policy since inception. 

We've also opened a Sale Album on our facebook page, Baby Jewels and this has been quite popular with our "likers." 

However, having said this, we note that baby jewellery, especially baby bracelets and bangles, are still selling well.

There's something very special about the arrival of a new baby into the family.  We have a wide price-range in our baby bangles and bracelets, and it's not only the lower priced items that are selling.  People still want to splash out on something special for their little newborns.  We seem to love to show our generosity to new mothers and their infants and this has been obvious at Baby Jewels.

Another aspect to this, I believe, is that jewellery is a gift that lasts and lasts.  Most items can be worn for years before they're outgrown, and even then, they are not "worn out" or "faded" or out of fashion as might be the case for many baby gifts.  Baby jewellery will always be special, and it can easily be stored, taking up very little space, for the next baby in the family, or even for the next generation.  

I think this might be in the back of minds as a baby jewellery gift is chosen.

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