Amber for Babies - Claims unsubstantiated?

We've all heard the claims made for mothers' and baby jewellery made from amber, as being therapeutic in various ways. But the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) disagrees. Despite mothers swearing by the therapeutic properties of amber, it seems the claims are not legally substantiated. They have demanded a baby jewellery website remove claims made about amber, on their website. Baby Jewels doesn't sell amber but we've heard the claims and one only has to read the facebook posts regarding amber to believe there must be something to it, when so many mothers believe them. When I was in hospital last year, a nurse was wearing amber bracelets on both wrists and said it had helped her rheumatoid arthritis in her hips, simply by swinging her arms and having the bracelets pass by her hips as she walked. Wondering how many here have tried the amber baby bracelets, mothers' necklaces and various other amber items. You can email us via the contact box if you'd like to have your say.
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