Collection: Earrings

Want to make a little someone feel special? Give the gift of earrings! We have baby and child-sized gold, silver, crystal and pearl earrings as well as some very special earrings with and without a maternal theme, for mothers and mothers-to-be. Our baby and children's earrings are not just small earrings, they are especially made for babies and children, with shorter rods, smaller hoops, rounded edges, light-weight and safe. Baby Jewels has a wide range to choose from in our Earrings Category: stud earrings, hoops, and drop earrings, for babies and their big sisters, teenagers and Mums. We also have a "maternal theme," in our Mother's Earrings, for example earrings featuring a stylised mother reaching for her baby, or pram drop earrings.Baby Jewels earrings are safe, beautiful and affordable.