Collection: Brooches, Pins, Crosses & Charms

Brooches are, once again, back in fashion! Babies have worn brooches and pins traditionally, in gold or silver bars with a safety chain, or in animal and insect shapes and safety pins in gold or silver, throughout the last century. Until recently, baby brooches fell in popularity and were hard to find. Not any more! Newborns especially, look adorable wearing a baby brooch, and wearing them for their first portraits, keeps their memory alive through the baby's growing up years.Baby Jewels has scoured the world for safe and beautiful brooches in silver and silver with cz, for the special babies, children and Mothers in your life. We are currently also looking for well-priced gold baby brooches. Affordable and safe pearl and crystal pins are available now. New brooches and pins will be added regularly.