Baby and Children's European Style Beads and Charms

Children's European style starter braceletChildren's European style charmsChildren's European style charms



Now named "European style," these classic beads and charms remain popular for all age groups. "Children's European style bracelets" remain one of our most popular search phrases.

A great idea for baby and children's bracelets, when each year, for birthdays and Christmas gifts, for rewards and other celebrations, another bead can be given to add to her bracelet. When it is full, it will tell the story of her life.

At the present time, we stock silver plated starter bracelets in various styles, including a beautiful, highly polished starter bangle. We have genuine, quality leather and rubber European style starter bracelets. All superb quality to withstand the rigours of childhood.

Add to your bracelet from the range of sterling silver European style beads, also silver plated, some with enameling, and lampwork beads. Enjoy building her bracelet yourself or let her choose her own.

Want a ready made children's European style bracelet? Or a matching mother/baby or mother/child European style bracelet? These are also available in three different colourways!

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