Baby and Children's Gold Jewellery

When my little granddaughters were born, I went in search of a baby bracelet for each of them.  At the time I was not online much so went straight to the jewellery store.

I found very little to choose from, especially under $100.  I did manage to find a little 9ct gold baby bacelet with locket, in the finest of chains, for each of them.  

At the time I had no idea of the choice available to me online.  If only!

I still like the traditional gold bracelets with lockets for newborns but, having run Baby Jewels for a few years, I now know that there is silver baby jewellery available in designs to die for!  I also know that there are plenty of styles of gold baby bracelets with cute charms, enamelling, crystals and even gemstones, available.

For some reason, the range of children's jewellery in jewellery stores remains fairly small.

Since that time, the price of gold has soared, as we all know, but I have always had the intention of putting more gold baby and children's jewellery on the site.  Particularly gold baby bracelets.

It's been a long search, but I've now got a handful of beautiful 9ct gold baby bracelets, children's bracelets and little gold earrings for babies and children of all ages.  Some have come from the States and some has come from Spain.  There will be more to come of course.  For some reason, it's much harder to find baby and children's jewellery in gold than it is in silver, especially children's necklaces and charms.  Bracelets and earrings though, are easier to find on the www.  

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