Baby and Children's Huggies

Baby and children's huggie earrings


Huggies are a new addition to our range and have proven very popular. Huggies are also known as hinged hoop earrings. They have no back that can become lost. They come in the most petite sizes for babies and children, as tiny as 7mm diameter. They're available in gold and sterling silver and sparkle with cz.

Huggies, like sleepers, are very comfortable. A stud earring in a tiny ear, might poke the skin of her scalp if it's too long. The back can work its way off, especially aided by little, fiddly fingers. But huggies remain firmly in place, with no pointy parts, no back to work loose and are lightweight and comfortable.

Huggies are a great option for children, especially first time earrings-wearers.  As baby earrings, we particularly recommend baby huggies for their comfort aspect.

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