Baby and Childrens Jewellery Increasingly Popular

In the almost 7 years that I've been a grandmother, I've taken notice of baby jewellery worn by babies and children.  Babies in particular, seem to be adorned much more these days, and often in jewellery that's the "real thing."

By "real thing" I mean sterling silver or gold baby bracelets mainly, and baby bangles fall into that category.  

When I bought my eldest granddaughter a little bracelet when she was born, I rarely saw a baby wearing a bracelet.  But today almost every second baby wears a bracelet.  Other baby jewellery is seen less often, for example baby brooches or baby necklaces, though baby anklets are quite popular as well.  

Children tend to be given less expensive jewellery for every day wear, though from our sales, I would say they possibly have a more expensive bracelet at home, to be worn for special occasions.  I guess because children can be harder on their jewellery than babies.

I've noticed a huge surge in popularity of children's earrings.  After baby bracelets, children's earrings are our next biggest seller.  Most little girls seem to have their ears pierced these days and they love their earrings.

Children's earrings were once rarely seen on young children.  Not so, today!

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