Baby Bangles

We find that baby bangles are as popular as baby bracelets these days, and are always on the look out for new styles in sterling silver. Adjustable bangles seem to be the most popular, for good reason, because the gift of an adjustable baby bangle is going to ensure much longer wear than one that's solid. Hinged bangles are also very popular because they are easy to put on a baby and take off. Bangles are very safe because there are no small pieces to break off. Unless there is a charm or two attached of course (and these are sooo cute on a bangle!) But generally, a bangle will be more secure and safer than a baby bracelet, or necklace, both of which needs to be removed before baby is put down to sleep. Gold bangles are available but at this stage, we've avoided purchasing them because they are many times more expensive than a sterling silver bangle. Perhaps some time in the future, we may stock a few, but we would need to know that this is what people are looking for, and willing to pay the higher cost. We are always open to your advice and opinions about these issues. Please use the Contact Box and we will get back to you the same day. Also, if you see a piece of baby jewellery elsewhere you like the look of, please shoot us a photo and we will try to stock it if it's available.
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