Baby Bracelets and Baby Bangles

Baby Bangles and Baby Bracelets

Baby bangles and baby bracelets have never more popular than they are currently.  Gold baby bangles and bracelets have always been popular but with the price of gold soaring, sterling silver bangles and bracelets are becoming very popular.  And for good reason.  Not only are they a reasonable price, but there are many designs available, and there's one to suit every taste.  But before you buy this delightful piece of baby jewellery, think about these facts:

1.  A hinged baby bangle will be much easier to put on and take off your baby than a solid bangle.

2.  Some baby bangles are expandable, just as some baby bracelets have extensions for growth, enabling the item to be worn for a much longer time.

3.  Some baby bangles have a flattened area which can be engraved, making your gift more personal.  These bangles could be considered to be baby ID bracelets, which are also very popular.

4.  Baby Bracelets, more than any other type of baby jewellery, are given as gifts.

5.  Solid or expandable baby bangles are the safest type of baby jewellery because there are no breakable components which might create a choking hazard.  However, some hinged baby bangles come with a safety chain, which is designed to prevent the bangle falling off, if the clasp fails.  These are in general, very strong, however, if they do break off, they can be a risk to your baby.

Other aspects to consider are:  do you prefer a more traditional, classic style of baby bracelet or baby bangle?  Or do you like the more modern bangles and bracelets, which often come with one or more charms, for added cuteness.

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