Baby Bracelets Rapidly Becoming Most Popular Baby Girl Gift

I read a lot of blogs about babies and kids and some of my favourites come out of the United States. The women who write these blogs do a remarkable job of keeping Mums up to date with latest ideas and trends and often conduct their own surveys amongst their readers. I zeroed in on one recently which asked readers about their gift ideas for new babies and the questions were divided between boys and girls. The questions asked included, "What was the most recent gift you bought for a baby girl," what gift do you think of first, when it comes to buying for a baby girl," and what type of jewellery would you most like to receive for your baby girl?" Various answers were given, and some were great ideas, but it was found that more readers had given the gift of a baby bracelet most recently, and right up near the top of the list of gifts thought of first, for baby girls, were, again, baby bracelets. Mothers also replied to the question of what they would most like to receive for their baby girl and again, baby bracelets were near the top of the list. #2, in fact. From this I deduct that bracelets for babies make a great newborn, Christening or first birthday gift. And, importantly, Mums love to receive them for their baby girls. Another interesting note to come out of the poll, was the fact that people are buying bracelets for baby boys, as well. Granted, the poll was a small sampling of under 100 readers, but I have to agree with the respondents!
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