Baby Bracelets That Do Double Duty!

We all want our gifts to be special. We want them to be useful and to be used or worn for a good amount of time. It seems a shame to buy something that's used up/grown out of/outdated very quickly. That's why we stock baby bracelets that have extensions for growth and baby bangles which are adjustable for growth. Even some of our necklaces have extensions for long wear. But have you ever purchased a gift that can be used in two different ways? Well, Baby Jewels now has baby anklets which have two closure points for perfect fit, which, when outgrown, become a little girl's pretty bracelet. Thus far, we have one with a tiny baby bird, a little pink crystal encrusted bow and a pink crystal encrusted butterfly. All very petite and pretty. We would expect these anklets/bracelets to be worn from before the first birthday up until around age 10! That makes these very good value children's gifts. They are all sterling silver and are so cute, their photos do not do them justice. Check them out today!
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