Baby Jewellery - a Popular Gift

We've all seen the pictures of a baby girl asleep wearing a tiny pearl or sterling silver baby bracelet, or taking her first steps wearing a jingly baby anklet. We can see how endearing baby jewellery looks on a roly poly wrist or ankle. Recently baby necklaces have become popular, worn only when baby's supervised, usually at family gatherings, special occasions or her baby portraits, and there are some beautiful designs available. The keepsake side of baby jewellery is another reason for its growing popularity. People want something they can keep and treasure. We live in a throwaway society and the idea of having something beautiful to treasure always, as a momento of our tiny baby in her first year, is very appealing, I think. Many gifts are simply outgrown by which time it's worn out, therefore, not something that can be kept, no matter how sweet a gift it was. Many items of baby jewellery are classics, with timeless style, which, 20 or 30 years down the track, will retain their wearability, giving the opportunity of the gift continuing to the next generation. Jewellery does stand the test of time, often only needing a buff-up with a jeweller's cloth. Most popular item for babies is of course, the bracelet. Necklaces are becoming more popular, especially for Christening and Naming Day gifts. Earrings for babies are relatively slow in this country but I have read that in countries with a high proportion of Latin populations, baby earrings are almost the norm.
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