Beautiful baby jewellery

Friends and acquaintances often ask me what it's like working with baby and children's jewellery on a daily basis. I can honestly say the enjoyment never stops. With beautiful, new products arriving once or twice a week, the initial "wow" factor is still there, 3.5 years down the track. My buying has improved in the three years. I am now far more "picky" with what items I purchase and where I get them. This has seen my business grow, especially this year. The addition of new gold Piccolo baby bracelets and children's screw back earrings, as or safety earrings, as they are becoming known as, as well as more keepsake jewellery items for babies and little girls, I credit with being the main reasons. Kids jewellery is growing which is gratifying. Baby jewellery has always been the main focus of the business, but the ratios are changing. Baby and children's necklaces in particular have grown in popularity, I suspect due to the options of chain lengths meaning babies and little girls will not be swamped with a chain far too long, and in the case of babies, likely to be a danger to them. So, we end the financial year on a high and look forward to an even better, even more exciting 2013/14 filled with even more beautiful baby and children's jewellery!
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