Beautiful, New, Pearlised Pink, Blue or White CZ Flower Earrings with Screw Backs

Looking for petite, hypoallergenic, surgical steel earrings for your baby or little girl?  Measuring 6mm, these sparkling pink, blue or white pearlised cz flowers are the perfect gift for everyday wear.  

These earrings can also be worn back to front, if a more plain ball stud is required.  The flowers will fit neatly behind her ear the ball is highly polished.  Two earrings in one!

What does "pearlised mean?"  Pearlised cubic zirconias gleam with multi-colours, similar to aurora borealis cz, but more milky, like mother of pearl.  

These baby and children's earrings have the finest gauge rods at 0.8mm, especially important for first time earrings wearers, and will suit from perhaps age 2 months to 6 or 7.  They have ball screw backs.  We have ordered spare screw backs to fit these earrings.

Our first order should arrive in 2 - 3 weeks.  First order numbers are limited but if you would like to pre-order, drop us a line via the Contact Box and we'll tell you as soon as they're on the website.  

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