Bracelets for Boys

Polyester, sterling silver boy braceletsTough polyester boy bracelets with sterling silver fittingsTough polyester/sterling silver bracelets for boys

Many of you have enquired about boy jewellery over the years.  We've had very little jewellery dedicated to just boys because boy jewellery is hard to find!

Some of you purchased plain sterling silver children's ID bracelets which are eminently suitable for both girls and boys but at last we have a range dedicated solely to boys!

These new boy bracelets are tough polyester which can be washed.  They have premium, hallmarked, sterling silver fittings and charms.  Some have enameling.  They can be found in both our Baby Bracelets and Children's Bracelets categories.

If these prove to be popular we will be widening our boys' jewellery range.

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