Childrens anklets

Summertime is the time for children's anklets.  These very cool jewellery items have been becoming more popular by the year. Initially teenagers wore them and often they were made of leather, cord/rope or a silver chain.  Then charms were hung on them. The charms popularly were beachy themed charms such as starfish, shells etc. but not always.  Flower charms, sun, moon and stars charms and of course, the perennial butterfly, dragonfly or ladybug charms are also favourites.

Lately it has became fashionable for babies to wear an anklet.  And super-cute they are too, often with little silver jingle bells attached, though they need to be removed at bed-time or they can wake the baby when she moves (and anybody else sleeping nearby!)

Now baby anklets are very popular thanks to certain celebrities adorning their babies in anklets of varying styles.  

Little girls and bigger girls love anklets as well.  They have a "cool" look that can't be beat in Summertime when the ankles are tanned and bare.  More casual than children's bracelets or children's necklaces, they really suit this current, laid-back generation of kids.  

It's likely the girl in your life will soon be asking for an anklet. They make a great gift for the Summer holidays and when the cooler weather arrives and hems drop again, they can be stored in her children's jewellery box until next year.  

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