Children's Jewellery for Tomboys!

What to buy for a tomboy? Something indestructable for a little girl who loves the rough and tumble, climbing trees, playing cricket and riding bikes with the boys? Yes, she loves jewellery but won't wear it. You may want to give her something beautiful, keepsake perhaps, something that won't get knocked around or broken by the action in her day! My first idea is an expander children's bangle. In sterling silver, these bangles are lightweight and fit the wrist of the wearer, expanding gently as she grows. It never sags, is never tight, can be forgotten and never requires adjusting for growth. Because they fit neatly, and never sag, they won't catch on things, they don't have embellishments like charms, or anything else that dangles, which could break off. But they are beautiful, and these are something that will catch her eye and she will enjoy wearing. My second idea is a children's necklace. Keep it high so that when she does cartwheels it doesn't flap in her face, when she climbs trees, it won't catch on anything. It will be lightweight and can be forgotten about because it won't irritate in any way. Children's earrings are also a good idea especially safety screw backs because they won't fall off and become lost. They too, are lightweight and will be forgotten about. Until she looks in the mirror and gets that rush of pleasure! So, it's possible for children's jewellery to be worn by the most tomboy-ish of girls! And she will love it!
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