Chirstening jewellery

Babies and children are being Christened at various ages, not just during babyhood, these days.  The gift of a piece of baby jewellery for a little one or children's jewellery for an older child, is still one of the favourite gifts chosen for Christenings.

Baby Jewels has acquired a selection of crosses for the baby or child to wear on her special day.  But we often notice it's not a piece of religious jewellery that's chosen.  We notice, from the gift message box, that the gift is for a Christening and the article chosen is more than likely, not a religious piece of jewellery.  So far we've found that charm bracelets, children's silver earrings, or a pendant necklace are the favourites.

For babies, we have an "angel bracelet" and a silver ID bracelet with an attached pink enamelled heart, are popular as baby Christening gifts.   Our baby brooch has also been purchased as a Christening gift.

We also have some angel charms which are big sellers and I presume, but do not know for sure, that some of these are for the charm bracelets of children being Christened.

We love to know the purpose of the gift and the message in the gift box (we supply a card with personal message) gives this away.  It also helps us tailor our products to suit the various occasions in babies' and children's lives. 

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