Earrings for Children and Babies

Parents are allowing their children to have their ears pierced in unprecidented numbers.  The faint stigma of children's pierced ears has gone for good and kids really love their newly pierced and adorned ears!

There was a time when only ethnic babies had their ears pierced, but no more.  Babies too, are sporting baby earrings of various shapes and hues and, no doubt, enjoy the added attention of those who notice their pretty earrings.

Earrings for children don't have to be very different from adult earrings.  Children's earrings generally have a shorter rod and tightly fitting "backs" to prevent loss.  Surprisingly, adult ear lobes are not much thicker than children's.  The earring itself is generally smaller, which is a safety issue and generally a reasonably hard and fast rule at schools.  Schools are not against children's earrings, however, they must be small and fit closely against the ear lobe.  Dangly children's earrings are generally not allowed at Australian schools but kids do love them, and keep them for outside school hours.  Dangly kids' earrings are enormously popular on our website.

Whereas children's necklaces and children's bracelets are generally not allowed at school, kids enjoy wearing a nice 'n neat pair of earrings.  Initially, they are very aware of them and might fiddle with them but after a while they are forgotten unless someone mentions them.  

A pretty children's jewellery box makes a great gift for kids with a growing collection of earrings and other kids' jewellery.

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