Earrings for Tiny Baby Ears

A new trend is emerging in baby jewellery.  Mothers are having their babies' ears pierced earlier and earlier these days.  It's become fairly standard for young girls to have their ears pierced around the time they start school and children's earrings designers have excelled with brilliant designs to keep up with the trend.  But now, those designers are working on designs for babies.  Because baby earrings are no longer the domain of daughters of migrants from India and a variety of other nations who traditionally pierce their babies' ears not long after birth.  

Has this meant that traditional baby jewellery such as baby bracelets and baby bangles are less popular, as baby earrings become more common?  From my experience, not at all.  Baby bracelets are still the most popular item of jewellery for babies and small girls.  Now they are being matched up to her new earrings!

Baby earrings should have tightly fitting backs and slightly shorter rods, though it's amazing how little difference the thickness of an adult ear-lobe is, to a baby's.  But shorter rods will ensure that when she lies on her side, the rod is not annoying her.  She will quickly forget she has earrings and enjoy the extra attention people give her as they admire her new earrings!

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