European style Kids' Bracelets

Recently we added some rubber European style children's bracelets to the site. These are 18cm or 7 inches long. When buying this style of starter bracelet, consider the bulk of the beads you'll be using. Generally for kids, we say add one inch to their normal bracelet length, especially if you want to fill the bracelet up with european style beads.

With the rubber ones, we found three or four beads on these 7" bracelets fitted a ten year old, but for younger children, these bracelets would be big enough to hold up to 10 beads.

We've stocked up on both a variety of starter bracelets (in silver plate, rubber and woven leather) and more are on their way. We're also offering both sterling silver children's beads as well as silver plate, some with enamel (which make a brightly coloured kids' bracelet!)

With Christmas coming we're expecting European style children's bracelets as well as baby bracelets, to be popular, because our Analytics show that European style kids' bracelets are one of our most popular search terms on the site.

We've taken some photos showing a selection of our beads on a variety of bracelets, to show what can be done, and how cute they look.

We also have some fully made european style bracelets for mothers with matching bracelets for babies in quality sterling silver, with real lampwork beads. These bracelets have been re-ordered over and over since our site opened and are one of our most loved items of mother/baby jewellery.

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