Fad or Fantastic?

Although baby and children's jewellery is now commonplace in Australia, I often get queries ranging from safety concerns to whether a baby anklet is a "fad" or "fantastic." Our customers put in a lot of thought into the purchase of just the right baby bracelet or baby necklace, and anklets are no different. At the moment, anklets for both babies and children are very popular. Coming into Summer in Australia, with ankles being bared to the sunshine, anklets, or ankle bracelets as they are known in the US, look so divine! Yes, at the moment anklets are a bit of a fad, but if you're looking for a sterling silver one, you are buying a piece of fine jewellery for the little one in your life. So of course, you're going to put a lot of thought into it. There's no doubt that they are a fantastic fad! One that's likely to become as popular as any other type of baby jewellery. I get great feedback about baby anklets! There's no doubting the cuteness factor. They are also safe as far as baby jewellery is concerned because she's less likely to grab hold of it. However, we still advise not to put baby down to sleep in any baby jewellery, barring a plain baby bangle or screw back earrings. If you see a baby wearing an anklet, you will know exactly what I mean about the cuteness factor. Baby anklets are simply divine!
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