Fads and Fashions in Jewellery


Some time ago, I investigated the history of baby and children’s jewellery.  Some examples I found (thanks to Google) were very similar to today’s children's jewellery.  Some of it was exquisite. 


Very early children’s jewellery was extremely basic, containing such things as feathers, wood and stones.  I looked at trends throughout Europe, America and Asia/Pacific up to today’s styles and saw lots of similarities in jewellery from various periods e.g. Byzantine etc. in today’s styles.


Victorian baby and children's jewellery was stunning, using mainly gold and their jewellery wasn’t always decorative, it had a usefulness for example, a bib holder.  There are still many examples of Victorian style children's jewellery in museums.  The baby brooches especially are similar to some of today’s styles for example the gold engravable plates, with decorative edges and a safety chain.  Ditto the children's ID bracelets and bangles.


Baby and children’s bracelets from early last century replicated today's more traditional styles.


Today though, we have a variety of styles, all of which are popular, and traditional is just one of them.  I expect traditionally styled jewellery will always be in fashion.


Currently it would be hard to beat the popularity of baby and children’s charm bracelets.  There are charms galore to choose from and a variety of children's bracelets and children's necklaces on which to attach them.  Pandora and Thomas Sabo lead the way in charm bracelets and charms.


Young mothers love the new jewellery featuring animals, birds and insects. Also fish!  There is a cuteness factor in this jewellery that makes it hard to resist.  Animals, birds and insects are depicted in chubby, almost cartoon style shapes, for added attractiveness.  Who would imagine a turtle could look so incredibly cute?  From what I've seen, I think this type of jewellery runs a close second in popularity, to the children's charm bracelets.


Traditional jewellery would probably fit in, in third place, especially in baby jewellery.  Baby bangles which are expandable, baby bracelets and baby brooches, most especially.


There is a resurgance in popularity in traditional jewellery for Christenings, Baptisms, bridesmaid and flowergirl jewellery and for special occasions such as proms and other formals.


At present, silver is the most popular metal, for its shine, its malleability, its value and its strength.  A couple of new metals are appearing more and more on silver and gold jewellery manufacturer’s websites:  stainless steel and titanium, for durability, it’s unique look and its reputation for safety for delicate skin.

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