First of the Children's screwback earrings has arrived!

As advised weeks ago, we have finally received the first two designs of children's earrings with safety screwbacks to add to our baby and children's jewellery website.

Eventually, we intend to have a lot more but we are starting with two exquisite designs, both in 14K yellow gold.  One is a sweet little cz flower, in pink and white.  The other is a tiny 7mm butterfly in white and dark pink cz.  

I've had a lot of requests for children's safety screwbacks this year.  They are hard to find and at this point, I haven't found any in sterling silver.  I'm not sure exactly why this is the case, and I haven't given up because I want to extend our baby and children's earrings category to include a good range of screwbacks.

As soon as I can hold down our webmaster, a new category as an off-shoot from the children's earrings category, will be created, to house our new range and make them easier to find on the website.

I will be sending out some emails to those who showed interest in these new earrings in the coming days.  

Screwbacks are popular because the backs can't be pulled off.  This means that when you're pulling a top off over your child's head, the "back" can't become caught in the fabric and be tugged off.  Also, little ones who fiddle with their earrings, usually when they are getting used to wearing them, cannot, without a bit of dexterity, remove the backs.  This is because the rod and the back are threaded and need to be unscrewed, not easy for little fingers.

In the next few months, we'll be getting more, so watch this space!

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