Gold Baby Bracelets Top Idea for Keepsake Gifts



14k gold baby braceletSo often we receive emails asking us what to recommend for a baby jewellery gift for a special newborn in their family and after asking a few questions, it emerges, they are not looking cutsey and modern, they want something that will become their keepsake, something that won't date, and something that, hopefully, will hold its value.

Our first recommendation is always to advise them to check out the 14k gold baby bracelets we currently have in stock, particularly the gold baby ID bracelets.  The reason for this is that the styles these bracelets are made are usually classic and timeless.  This means that a bracelet given to a newborn today, or as a baby Christening gift today, will be just as wearable when this child's own baby is born.  The beauty of these bracelets is timeless and they are so easily stored, once the baby grows too big for her jewellery.  A buff with a jewellery cloth is all that it will need before it's put on her own baby's wrist.

The reason we recommend ID bracelets though, is to personalise if for this baby with a brief inscription on the ID plate..  It will still be something precious for the next generation, perhaps moreso.  

Of course, sterling silver baby bracelets are beautiful too, but gold is always seen as more precious as a keepsake gift.


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