Hearts, Butterflies and Ladybugs

These are the favourite features of baby and children's jewellery.  Hearts are traditionally popular, with filigree locket hearts on gold baby bracelets, which have been available for generations.  Hearts appear on baby bangles and children's bracelets as charms, children's necklaces as pendants and on children's earrings.  

It amazes me how many shapes a heart can be!  Long ones, twisted ones, chunky ones.  They can be linked with other hearts. They can have tiny pearls inside them, or a cz stone.  They can be colourfully hand-enamelled, sometimes with swirls or with dots in contrasting colour.  But ask any little girl, and most are likely to choose hearts first.

Butterflies are a more modern feature of children's jewellery.  It's hard to go wrong with butterflies - kids love them.  They can be hand enamelled, or covered in crystals in a variety of colours.  They can be pale and pastel or brightly patterned, just as in real life. Tiny butterflies appear in baby earrings, children's earrings, kids' pendant necklaces, as charms on bracelets and bangles or dangling from girls' anklets.  

Our third best seller is, perhaps surprisingly, ladybugs!  Red ones, pink ones, blue ones, kids and Mums alike adore ladybugs.  At Baby Jewels, we have them in all shapes and sizes.  

Other popular features?  Bunny rabbits, stars and moons, shells, teddy bears, ducks, bees and bumble bees, penguins, cupcakes, dragonflies, lucky clovers and dolphins for older girls and many more.  Some features are seen as suitable for boys as well as girls.  Boys' jewellery is becoming more and more popular, particularly leather bracelets which can be enhanced by the addition of a favourite children's charm or two.

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