Hearts, hearts and more hearts

Occasionally a customer will tell me there is too much to choose from on the website, when they're searching for a baby or children's jewellery gift.  "What do little girls like when it comes to their earrings, bracelets etc?"  With three granddaughters of my own, I now have an idea of what children prefer in their jewellery.  To begin with, you can't go wrong with "love hearts". For this reason, I'm always happy to stock tiny children's earrings, bracelets and necklaces that feature at least one heart!

Even better if the love heart features sparkling crystals or cz stones.  A little colourful enamelling is popular with kids as well.  Shine, sparkle, colour, and hearts, would be my most popular jewellery when children are given the choice. 

This is of course, based on my own experience with the kids in our family.  

Children also like quirky jewellery, for example frogs, penguins, turtles and virtually any animal in a Disney style design, fat and cute.  

If you're buying for a baby, you might like to ask the baby's mother what she likes, because it is she who will dress her baby in the jewellery you choose. She's bound to have definite ideas, and may very well choose something traditional, which may or may not feature hearts.  

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