Heirloom Baby Gifts

What's an heirloom exactly? According to Google, an heirloom is "a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations." So what becomes an heirloom? Something valued, something treasured, that, because of its real and sentimental value, is passed down in a family through succeeding generations. When a new baby arrives into a family, we want to give a gift that will become her family heirloom. It will have attributes besides real value. One of the most popular gifts for this purpose, is the gift of gold. Gold baby bracelets, specifically, are a gift that she will wear in all her baby photos, to her family's special occasions, then, when outgrown, it is packed away for safe-keeping. When she is old enough to understand, she will be shown this special gift and told who gave it to her when she was a baby. When the time comes, she may pass it on to her own baby at which point, it earns the description, "Heirloom." Gold baby bangles too, are popular, as are gold baby earrings, in fact any item of gold. Gold is a great investment, another reason gold is given to a baby, as a token/wish for her financial security. Christening gifts too, are often items of gold baby jewellery.
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