Is Baby Jewellery Safe?

There are several reasons parents have doubts about baby necklaces, in particular, but baby jewellery generally.  First, the metals used.  We are currently reading a lot about unsafe metals used in baby jewellery.  Not so long ago, we were concerned about nickel and lead but now cadmium has been added to the list of fears.  Truth is, these dangerous metals are found in alloys used in cheap children's jewellery bought in chain stores, or the newsagent or perhaps, the markets - and the risk is definitely there.  

If you're buying sterling silver or gold baby bracelets and other jewellery,  you need not worry.  These dangerous metals are not hidden in precious metals. 

The second worry parents have, is will baby choke on her beads, or break a charm off her baby charm bracelet and swallow it.  There is a very real danger of this because babies are stronger than they look and if they break off a small object, it's quite likely going to end up in her mouth.  For this reason, we always ask that baby is supervised whilst wearing her pretty jewellery and that it's removed when she's put down to sleep.  There are exceptions:  baby earrings that are placed in her ears early enough, that by the time she's reaching for and pulling on objects, she will be completely unaware of their existence and therefore quite safe provided the earrings have tightly fitted backs.  Many cultures for generations, pierce their baby's ears at a very young age for this reason, and they wear earrings their whole lives.  Baby bangles which have no breakable parts, for example charms or safety chains are safe because there's nothing to pull off and put in her mouth.  This makes plain baby bangles a very popular choice because Mum doesn't need to remember to remove her bangle before sleep or at any other time.

Of course, once she's passed the age of reaching for, grabbing and pulling anything within her reach and putting everything in her mouth, baby jewellery again becomes perfectly safe.  

Keep her baby jewellery for wearing on special occasions, where baby has full supervision, or for her baby portraits or outings where there will be plenty of people to keep an eye on her - and she will look beautiful in her pretty baubles.

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