Is packaging important?

Recenly, we ordered some new jewellery pouches for gift-giving. Until now, if you purchased a pair of children's earrings, it would arrive in a tiny organza pouch, perfect for gift-giving as is, or can be wrapped, if you wish. We offer matching coloured tissue paper wrap, if this is what you, as a customer, want. If you purchased a larger item, such as a baby bangle or children's necklace, it would arrive in a larger organza bag. Now there is a choice. We now have our new pouches which are white velvet with "Baby Jewels" written across the front. These of course, can also be wrapped if you wish.

These velvet pouches are slightly larger and being more substantial than an organza bag, can also double as a children's jewellery collection bag. They will last many years and will make great storage for any item of kids' jewellery not being used. Just pop them into a drawer.

We've looked at gift boxes as well. Unfortunately, gift boxes increase postage quite significantly. The pouches can be wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap and posted in a padded envelope, which keeps down postage costs. The bulkiness of the boxes take them to a higher level of postage, unfortunately. We think boxes are nice for one special item, but the velvet bags are probably more useful as storage for a kid's jewellery collection.

So for now, we've gone with the velvet pouches and the organza bags. There is a notebox at Checkout where customers may state their preference, for their children's jewellery gift.

But if we get much of a response, we will get some quotes for gift boxes. Let us know what you'd like your little baby necklace or children's bracelet, to arrive in. There is a contact box on the site, which is the easiest way to get a response.

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