Jewelry Gift Ideas for Children


What do you buy for the child who has everything?  This is a none-too-rare lament from Grandparents, Aunts, and family friends.  These days babies have toys, books, teddies, gadgets and the latest tot-fashion even before they’re born.  Children have masses of toys by the time they start school by which time, parents and friends have already started buying the latest technology for their up-and-coming techno-nerds!


Birthday gifts for little girls are veering away from the dolls, teddybears, toy prams and toy kitchens.  Today’s little girls love a birthday gift of dvds, hand-held electronic games, wii games, and computer games - or something pretty, something to be treasured and admired - a piece of children's jewelry.


Jewelry has always been popular and most little girls adore and treasure a jewelry gift.  The perfect baby shower gift would be tiny piece of jewelry, even if the expected baby is known to be a boy.  Suddenly boys are wearing cute little silver or leather bracelets with a tiny silver charm in the shape of a train, an animal or insect, or a truck, and as tiny babies, tiny pins, attached to their little jackets.  Baby shower gifts for little girls could be a pearl baby bracelet, or a tiny, simple, gold or silver baby bracelet or baby bangle.  Baby jewelry, particularly baby bracelets and baby earrings, comes in many styles to suit the personality of the baby.  Baby brooches pinned to matinee jackets or, in the Summer months, a baby anklet of gold or silver, given to gleam on a tiny, chubby ankle, makes a much loved and admired baby shower gift or newborn gift.  Givers of baby jewelry know the gift will delight the baby’s mother, who naturally wants her baby to look his or her cutest at all times!


Later, the perfect baby Christening gift or baptism gift could be an item of gold or silver, a rattle, a Christening cup or another piece of baby jewelry.  A pearl necklace with silver cross, a charm bracelet with a cross or an angel or baby’s first pearl earrings or perhaps the tiny glow of baby’s birthstone earrings, or a silver baby ID bracelet, all are popular.  Photographs of the day record the baby jewelry, to be admired in years to come by the child and her family.


Jewelry for children’s birthday gifts will always be popular.  Little girls love jewelry and a children's jewelry box to house the tiny baby and children’s bracelets, baby earrings, tiny girls’ necklaces and anklets, is another excellent idea for a children’s birthday gift.  All little girls deserve to have special items to treasure and keep safe until they grow up when the idea is to gift them to their own children. 


As little girls grow, their love of jewelry doesn’t abate.  For a special occasion, a reward or a birthday gift, a children’s charm bracelet can’t be beaten.  From that day forward, a special silver charm or gold charm can be gifted to add to the child’s charm bracelet, to represent all the successes, the hobbies, the special people, the new babies in the family, the favourite sports, and the special loves of little girls.  Eventually the girl’s charm bracelet becomes a jewelry book, telling the story of the important things in her life.  Something to treasure for life.



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