Keepsake Necklaces for Baby

We've had a huge week at Baby Jewels, with the arrival of new stock every day. Yesterday we had our first 9k gold baby necklaces arrive. They are both on 13" gold chains (not plated) and one features a heart with a cross embossed on it which would be the perfect baby Christening gift. The other is a highly polished, puffed heart. They are made only for babies up to age 3. They are tiny, and the chains are very pretty as they have a built-in twist, which we love. Of course, babies wearing necklaces should be supervised, so these necklaces are for special occasions, family events, her Christening, her birthday party, her baby portraits etc. Necklaces on children under age 3 should be removed before they're put to bed. Regardless, that the correct length chain is safe because it won't dangle and get caught on anything, nor will baby notice it if it's the right length, so that she won't tug on it, but we always recommend supervision and removal at bedtime. These necklaces are keepsake items. she will look beautiful wearing them and in her photos, but the gift box provided should be utilised at other times. As she grows up, she will marvel at her tiny baby jewellery!
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