Kids' Earrings Designs

What should you look for in kids' earrings? First of all the metal they're made from is important. Sterling silver, gold, surgical steel, titanium, are usually the most hypoallergenic. Also the safest when it comes to toxic metals such as in alloys. Next, they should be petite and not overwhelm a little ear lobe. They should have no sharp or rough edges, have a short rod and a tightly fitted "nut" or "back" - or better still, safety screw backs. Safety screw back earrings are far less likely to be undone by fiddly wearers (think: first time earring-wearers!) Once they are screwed on tightly, it's too difficult for little fingers to remove them, hence the earrings don't fall out and become lost. Mothers swear by children's safety screw back earrings! Children's earrings should also be lightweight. This makes them comfortable and they won't be notice by a little wearer until they look in the mirror and they notice, and admire them. Or a friend complements her on her earrings. We currently have approx. 150 baby and children's earrings and this includes about 15 pairs of screw backs - with more on their way. There are styles made for special occasions, everyday wear, school wear. There are styles for fun, classic, traditional styles, contemporary styles. The gift of earrings is always well received by a little girl. Make her day!
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