Maternal Style Jewellery for Mothers and Mothers-to-be

Jewellery with a maternal bent is hugely popular as gifts for mothers and mothers-to-be.  These jewellery pieces with a maternal bent, are given as gifts when a woman is pregnant, in recognition of this important event in her life,  (and the life of her partner and family) and/or when she gives birth.  A pair of earrings during her pregnancy, a matching pendant necklace when the baby is born, for example, is becoming increasingly popular.  These special pieces of jewellery celebrate the state of motherhood and her indispensability, her sacrifice and her love. 

As search queries, “Mothers’ jewellery,” “jewellery for mothers,” “mothers’ bracelets” etc. all get a huge number of hits.  Therefore it is easy to conclude that a lot of people are looking for the type of jewellery that’s made especially for  mothers and mothers-to-be. 

Some examples of “maternal jewellery” are the sterling silver earrings featuring a mother reaching for her baby, dangling pram earrings in sterling silver, the “heart within a heart” matching earrings and pendant necklace, the Thomas Sabo charms which feature teddy-bears, rocking-horses, babies in a nappy, feeding bottles, heart shapes with small heart shapes within, in both pendants and earrings and one of my favourites, the stork pendant.  This pendant features a stork in flight and dangling from its beak is a napkin containing a newborn.  Pandora too, have maternal styled beads for their famous bracelets, including rocking-horses, prams etc.

Maternal jewellery is a great idea to lift the spirits of a mother or mother-to-be, especially at the time of giving birth or whenever the going gets tough, as it’s apt to be at times during the many years of motherhood.

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