Most Popular Items?

I am often asked by friends and family members, which items of baby and children's jewellery on our site are the most popular, I need only click over to our Admin Panel which shows the most visited pages on the site, which tells me which item draws in the most traffic, and which items are the most-often sold. This isn't 100% accurate because some items, I have only been able to purchase a few of, and once sold they are no longer available, but of those items that I am able to restock over and over here is a list from nearly 500 items, of our most popular: Italian sterling silver ladybug children's bracelets Freshwater pearl baby earrings Pink, black and white European style baby bracelets Sterling silver exquisitely engraved, expandable baby and children's bangles Italian sterling silver ladybug children's earrings Sterling silver freshwater pearl, lead free crystals children's necklace with bow Sterling silver, pink Czech pearl baby bracelets, ditto same style in children's size Piccolo 9K gold butterfly baby and children's ID bracelets And rapidly moving up the list since we stocked this item: Sterling silver ID baby bracelets with pink teddy bear. All the kids' earrings are very popular but styles change quickly so that often we are unable to re-order. And the more recent addition of children's friendship bracelets in all their various styles such as Shamballa, are proving a strong upward trend. These are expected to be big sellers over the Summer period.
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