New Children's Earrings

I'm in love with a new range of children's earrings which have just arrived.  They have sterling silver hooks, but the earring is made of Fimo.  I'd never seen Fimo earrings before.  They are a great idea.  Very light, almost weightless, and the colours and awesome.

One pair are frangipanis.  Coming from an area where every second yard has a frangipani tree, they are a favourite, in their pinks and yellows.  I almost caught myself sniffing them for that beautiful fresh scent!

A company that makes Fimo children's jewellery have been sending me catalogues for some time, but only children's bracelets so far.  I want to keep to precious metals and leather at this stage, but I was just so taken with these Fimo kids' earrings.  The hooks are 925 sterling silver, so there's no problem with allergic reactions.

Do a search for "Fimo" and you'll understand why I love them so much!

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