New Children's Jewellery Sets



Children's Ruby CZ Jewellery SetsChildren's Star necklace and earrings setsButterfly necklace and earrings sets for children


After thinking carefully about new lines for Baby Jewels in the new year, we decided to try out a new line of children's necklace and earrings sets in sterling silver.  We ordered some that we'd seen and liked a lot, and they arrived promptly and they are now on the site, awaiting your approval.  

Children's earrings make up a large category and Children's necklaces category is rapidly growing.  You'd find the children's jewellery sets in both those categories, while we decide whether to make a whole new category for sets. 

All prices include a sterling silver chain in the length of your choice:  13" for Toddlers, 14" to age 5 or 6, 15" to age 10 and 16" to teens.

Among the new lines is a lab-created white opal jewellery set, an instant favourite here.  Other lines include ever popular butterflies, some angels and some pink, pearlescent stars.  Time will tell whether we'll acquire more.  You can tell us what you think!

At this stage, the sets are just for children, though some of them are eminently suitable for toddlers, but not babies.  Keep them for special occasions or for every-day wear.  We think these new earrings and matching necklace sets will be popular!


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