New Gold Baby Bracelets

Gold baby bracelets

Traditionally, baby bracelets with Id (Identification) plates have been popular through the generations. Today, the attraction for these baby ID bracelets remains. Today, there is a great love of personalised gifts and the baby ID bracelet can be inscribed with Baby's name, date of birth or a pet name, which makes it very much a personalised gift.

Gold baby bangles are also popular and if they don't have an ID plate (some do) then they can be personalised by inscribing the bangle on the inside.

With all baby bracelets, you might like to ensure there are two closure points, or an extension for growth. This ensures up to double the normal length of wear. Bangles too, can be adjustable, from very small for a newborn to a child of say 3 or 4. This makes them great value gifts that will be treasured always.

Check out our new Piccolo 9k gold baby bracelets with ID plates and charms, one a shining puffed heart, the other a little cupcake, built into the bracelet, near the ID plate.  Gifts to last generations!

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