New Range of Pearl Baby Bracelets

I finally found what I've been looking for:  pearl baby bracelets suitable for newborns and baby Christening gifts.  The photos, though stunning, do not do this new baby jewellery range justice.  In reality, these new pearl bracelets are over-the-top gorgeous.  

In soft baby colours, they carry sparkling lead-free crystals in soft pinks, blues, greens and yellows, softened by the gleam of the natural freshwater pearls and the high shine of sterling silver.

The newborn bracelets are tiny.  I wanted them tiny because so many baby bracelets languish on tiny wrists.  I wanted them to fit, but also have an extension so that with the rapid growth of babies, the bracelet can be worn past the newborn stage.  But basically, these newborn bracelets will become family keepsakes.  Show her when she's older - she'll be gobsmacked at how tiny and beautiful her baby jewellery was!

The Christening bracelets have a cross.  The cross is tiny and in proportion with the tiny bracelets. Other bracelets have charms.  

Then, we have a couple of imperfect, slightly mismatched pearl baby bracelets and these are adorable too.  The imperfection of the natural freshwater pearls is the attraction of these bracelets, and they carry a gold or silver cross or a sterling silver heart.

Check them out soon!

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