New Steel with Gold IP Huggies for kids, Teens and their Mums, Coming Soon!


Here at Baby Jewels, we're always on the look out for styles which are a bit different from the usual, whether it be in children's earrings, hoops or huggies.  If they're hypoallergenic, all the better!

These ones are for the gold lovers!  What is IP Gold? From a manufacturer:  "Ion plating:  To begin with, a layer of titanium nitride is added to the base surface of steel. Additionally a final plating metal (gold) is added to the surface; the thickness of this layer is no more than 0.3 urn. ... Given its durability and chemical stability, ion plating is rightly called “permanent” coating."  This is opposed to the more common, electroplating, which has a shorter life before the plating begins to deteriorate. 

Arriving soon are three styles of huggies for children, teenagers and their Mums, in steel with gold IP.  One features a sparkly wise owl sitting on huggies, the second features an almost-Celtic design sprinkled with the sparkle of cz, and the third one features a butterfly perched on the edge of the huggies.  These are expected to arrive next week.  We'll only have a few, so if you're keen, let us know via the Contact box and we'll let you know as soon as they arrive, and hold a pair for you.

In approx 2 - 3 weeks we have another style of children's huggies, in 925 Sterling Silver, which feature attached, tiny butterflies, with tiny pink and light purple cz, channel set stones:

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