Pearl Baby Bracelets - More Coming!

A few months ago, we ordered our first shipment of pearl baby bracelets and when they arrived, I was totally awed at how beautiful they were and couldn't wait to get their photos up on the site. The photos though, simply can't do them justice! The soft colours of the lead-free crystals, the gleam of freshwater pearls and shine of silver, can't be captured adequately. These bracelets are adorable. Our customers obviously thought so too and they've been selling well.

The Small size is suitable for newborns up to 12 months, the Medium size for babies from about 9 months to about 2-3 and the Large size is for children from about 4. Each of them has an extension for growth, ensuring they get plenty of wear.

We've been scouring the www again and we keep coming back to the same manufacturer/wholesaler. They have a large range and we've selected what we consider to be the most endearing styles for babies. This time, we've also ordered some of the Medium and Large sizes, for toddlers and older girls. I can't wait to put up the photos of the children's bracelets. Little girls are going to go ape!

My own grandchildren included!  As they grow up, they are acquiring quite a taste for children's jewellery and a desire to expand their collections. Recently they had their photos taken wearing some of their little bracelets and some of our children's necklaces. When we get them back from the photographer, we're hoping to put some photos up on the Home Page in a revolving banner. I wish we had held off until the latest order of pearl bracelets arrived!

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