Photos of Babies and Children Wearing Their New Jewellery

I have long wished I was able to put photos in the blog. I often receive the most special reward for running Baby Jewels, in the form of photos of our little customers wearing their new baby jewellery or children's jewellery. The special thing about working with such gorgeous products, is the knowledge that people are going to receive their purchase and fall in love with it. This ensures a steady stream of emails describing how much they love their little baby bracelets or little kids' earrings and often, a photo showing how beautiful they look on their recipient. This, we love! I would love to share these (with permission, of course) however this blog does not enable the posting of photos. Nonetheless, we always get great pleasure from receiving them. Any customers who would like to send us pics of their babies and children wearing Baby Jewels jewellery, please do!
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