Pretty Little Trinkets

Jewellery Market Stall


Last weekend, we wandered around a popular Saturday morning market, a little out of town. In the glorious, warm sunshine we floated from stall to stall, devouring the beautiful items, some hand made, some imported from exotic places. I was, as I always am, drawn to a jewellery stall which had some pretty necklaces and earrings.

At the front of the stall, exhibited along the front of the table, in prime position, was a line of gorgeous baby bracelets. Now these were stunning and I could easily picture them on a chubby wrist. However, I instantly realised that they were suspect as far as being baby-safe is concerned.

For all the reasons I've outlined before on this forum, it's truly risky to your baby's health to have her wearing items made of unknown alloys that could, almost certainly contain dangerous substances, substances which can easily be ingested by a baby, which can cause brain damage among other awful things.

I realise it's very tempting to indulge your baby with a pretty trinklet that will, of course, attract attention and make her look that bit more special than she already is. But please be very careful with cheap metal baby jewellery or children's jewellery.

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