Rhodium Plating on Sterling Silver

Did you know that rhodium is a precious metal and is the most expensive of all metals, including gold? Did you know that many of our sterling silver items are plated with rhodium but still need to be sold as sterling silver? Did you know that rhodium is from the platinum family? Did you know that jewellers prefer rhodium plated sterling silver because it's harder than sterling silver and helps the item resist scratches, which dull the shine. Did you know that sterling silver is more reflective of light (95%) compared to rhodium (80%) which means it's not quite as bright, but in the long term a rhodium plated sterling silver piece, will remain brighter and shinier because it has resisted the fine scratches that occur in sterling silver over time. Currently on our website we have many sterling silver items which are rhodium plated, including the piccolo baby bracelet range from Italy. We also have some children's necklaces and children's bracelets which are rhodium plated. If you're looking for a quality that lasts, a quality that doesn't require the delicate handling of softer metals, choose rhodium plated. It is characterised by a darker shine than most sterling silver items, but you will know that it won't become dull over the years of use, no matter how it's handled.
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