Sizing for Baby Bracelets

Babies come in many different shapes and sizes! It can be hard to know what size will fit your baby. It's always a good idea when buying a baby bracelet or baby bangle, to buy one which has an extension for growth or, in the case of a bangle, expands to accommodate growth. This will ensure your baby will get plenty of wear from her new jewellery despite being in the fastest growth period of her life. If you're buying for a newborn, allow 12cm minimum. If the bracelet has an extension, she will get to wear her bracelet for at least a year - 18 months. If you don't mind it being a little loose straight off, go for 13cm or 13.5cm, again with an extension. But if you're wanting it to fit immediately, and want her to wear it for her newborn portraits, then go for the 12cm for that neat fit. For a 6 month old baby, look for a 13cm bracelet, minimum. For a 12 mpnth old baby, you need to be mindful of her size. If she's big for her age, you might need a 14cm bracelet. One year old babies vary in size enormously, so I recommend measuring her wrist if you can but if it's a gift for a year old baby who perhaps lives interstate and you want it to be a surprise, go for the 14cm. Look for a loose link bracelet, for example a Rolo which is a rounded, open chain. This allows the bracelet to be linked closed anywhere along the length. If you want a bangle, look for an expanding one. A newborn bangle size is generally 4cm but can be as little as 3.5. Bangles are a wonderful baby gift because they are very safe. Some have hinges with a safety chain, this makes it easy to put on and take off, but hinged bangles often don't have that ability to expand. A one year old baby would need a 4.5cm bangle. These bangles often expand to 5 or 5.5cm, making them a great value gift. You will enjoy seeing her wear it for a long time and it will be in all her photos and baby portraits. It's likely then to be passed down to younger siblings or kept for safekeeping until she has children of her own!
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