Special Gifts for Baby's First Birthday

The first year of a baby's life is so special that the whole, extended family usually comes together to celebrate baby's first birthday. Gifts are given and these are special too. We want our first birthday gift to be one that she can perhaps treasure until she's grown up. Something that will be her heirloom gift. We are currently stocking the perfect gift for the first birthday: Happy Birthday bangles. Sterling silver, adjustable baby bangles with the words, "Happy Birthday" embossed on the outside. They can also be engraved with your message on the inside. Being adjustable, they can be worn for quite some time through what will be a rapid growth stage. These are suitable for both girl and boy babies. Other great ideas for first birthday gifts are Baby's first gold jewellery. Most often, this is a gold baby bracelet or bangle or perhaps gold baby earrings. If they are screw back earrings, she will wear them for many years before keeping them as a family heirloom. Baby's first pearl is another popular idea. These can be in the form of earrings, perhaps a little pearl bracelet, or a tiny necklace. A baby necklace that can be purchased on a 12 or 13" sterling silver chain but changed to a 14 or 15" chain as she grows, is another great idea for a first birthday gift. Needing help? Don't forget to use the Contact Us box if you think we can help with ideas.
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