Special Occasion Jewellery for Babies and Children

Special occasion jewellery for Babies and Children

Lately, I’ve had an increasing number of enquiries for jewelry for babies and children for such occasions as Christenings, Baptisms and Weddings.  Flowergirl jewelry and Bridesmaid jewelry is in demand.  So I did a little research to see what it is that babies wear at their Christenings and Baptisms and what exactly flowergirl jewelry or bridesmaid jewelry looks like.

It seems there is a demand not only for the jewelry to be worn on these occasions, but also as gifts from family and friends for baby on the occasion of her Christening and as a gift from the bride to her flowergirls or bridesmaids.

First of all, Christening jewellery and Baptism jewellery can fall under the banner of Religious jewellery.  Tiny crosses on fine sterling silver chains, tiny baby bracelets with a cross attached as a charm, gold, silver or pearl jewelry for babies, including tiny cross stud baby earrings, are popular.  Secondly, the giving of gifts for the baby includes beautiful baby earrings, baby bracelets, baby chains with pendants, and again, gold, silver and pearls are popular.  Baby jewellery featuring hearts, butterflies and flowers especially, but also ducks, rabbits, stars etc. are given to the lucky baby on the event of her Christening.

I went in search of pearl baby necklaces with crosses, and found the perfect Christening necklace.  Tiny seed potato (freshwater) pearls with a cross made of pearl as a single pendant, measuring 16 inches or 41cm, this baby necklace has a sterling silver filigree clasp and would fit a baby or small child.  This would be the perfect Christening necklace as well as the perfect baby Christening gift.  Then, I was lucky enough to find another perfect Christening gift for a baby or small child.  It’s a baby or small children’s bracelet, in pearl, pink Austrian crystal, and pink rose quartz beads. It has sterling silver spacers and a 1.5cm extension for growth, with a single sterling silver heart charm.  It sparkles and shines and would be perfect for flower girls or young bridesmaids.  This beautiful baby or small children’s bracelet is 16cm long plus a 1.5cm extension. 

I believe these baby necklaces especially, but also the baby/small children’s bracelets would make the perfect baby shower gift, if it is known that the coming baby is a girl. 

I have also ordered some 9ct gold baby earrings and children’s earrings.  Arriving soon, and I am excited by the imminent arrival of this baby jewellery, are some tiny gold stud baby earrings, perfect for the tiniest baby as they are only 2mm wide.  They will show as a golden gleam on the earlobe of a baby or little girl. These are classic baby earrings and would be perfect as a baby Christening gift or as flowergirl jewellery.  Also on their way to Baby Jewels, are some 9ct gold, highly polished but very tiny bunny rabbit earrings.  These tiny stud earrings would be perfect baby earrings, make a great baby Christening gift, birthday gift or flowergirl gift and would be loved by any little girl. 

As a result of the enquiries and my research on the subject of baby Christening jewellery and flowergirl jewelry, I have started my Special Occasion Jewellery collection for babies and Children

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