Sterling Silver children's Bangles

Baby bangles and children's bangles are becoming increasingly popular and I frequently receive questions about them. Here are a few of the questions I am asked by prospective customers: 1. What does embossed mean? 2. What's the difference between embossed and engraved? 3. What's the difference between an expander and an adjustable bangle? 1. Embossed (or molded) bangles are imprinted with a design when the silver bangle is formed, by "pressing" the design into the metal. This gives a raised design. To emboss means to mould or carve in relief. 2. To engrave means to cut or carve a text or design on the surface of a hard object. Often when it refers to jewellery, this means the work is done by hand, but not always. 3. An "expander" is a bangle which is usually finer and more lightweight than an adjustable bangle. It is made to increase in size as the wrist it is worn on, grows. It expands and contracts very easily, simply by being worn. I has a "spring" in it so is easy to put on and take off. It fits perfectly as it conforms to the wrist size. An adjustable bangle is one where the ends pass, one under the other and are held together by two rectangular rings which hold the two ends flat against each other. The bangle is generally thicker and heavier and requires manual adjustment for growth. It won't expand on its own. These bangles are more solid, without the "spring" and can be heavier to wear. Generally an expander is embossed and an adjustable bangle is engraved, though this is not a hard and fast rule.
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