Stocking up for Christmas!

We are always on the lookout for new baby and children's jewellery but never more so than now. Hours every day are currently spent scouring the www looking for top quality items in beautiful new styles to keep the site fresh. With less than three months until Christmas, we are stocking up early because we're finding people start shopping earlier and earlier each year.

We've added to our Piccolo Italian designer baby and children's bracelet range and added a pair of Piccolo children's earrings in 9K gold. These designs have been a great success, offering quality, unique design and the backing of a major brand. We currently have baby bracelets in both gold and silver and our gold range are currently, for an introductory period, ~20% off RRP.

We have placed 4 orders in the last few days. Some suppliers are prompt, keeping stock on hand ready to ship out. This means we can sometimes receive orders from o/s inside a week but usually it takes much longer, sometimes up to 3 months, if they are being made especially for us. At the moment, with Christmas not far off, we're trying to order from current supplier stocks. But in the new year, we may try some children's jewellery designs of our own. Something I'd really like to get my teeth into.

Currently most of our designs are coming from Europe: England, Spain, Italy and soon, Greece. Some come from the US, some from Australia. One British silversmith firm which began in the early 1800s, supplies traditional hand made baby bangles. One very good supplier in Thailand gives us beautiful, modern silver children's bracelets. We have it down to a fine art now, our ability to weed out the unreliable, the poor quality, but we've been bitten a few times in the past. It's all a steep learning curve but it's exciting! The buying of stock is my favourite part of the job! (Quells the old retail therapy urge as well!)

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